one on one personal training.

These sessions are designed to educate & empower the modern gal who is tired of yo-yo dieting, or working her ass off and not seeing her desired results.

In these sessions, you will have an in-depth consultation where an exercise & nutrition plan is created specifically tailored to you and your goals.

You will learn the fundamentals of training in a completely private studio, so even if you are a beginner in the fitness world you will have the comfortability of training in the presence of just you & your coach.

two on one personal training.

Research shows that we train harder and are able to stay more motivated when we workout with a partner!

Grab your bestie, your mum, or anyone who is going to keep you and your fitness goals accountable & split the cost with a two on one PT session.

This is a great way to stay active and slay your goals at a cheaper price!

small group training.

Round up ya girl gang & book a small private group session (3-5 people). 

This is a great way to achieve results through private training with a coach & adds that extra bit of fun to your workout routine by having your gals right there with you.

Similar to the 2-on-1 session, you are able to split the price of the session between friends. 

This session is customised to what you want as a group! You want a killer core & glutes workout? Tell the coach and they will design the session specific to this. You can even choose your own music too!