about us.

Sol Active Fitness was an idea bought to life in order to empower & educate as many women as possible with the CORRECT tools to achieve sustainable and achievable health and fitness-related goals.

We are a community of womxn that are done with the toxic fitness culture. 

We aren't here for quick fixes. The 1200 calorie diets, the 8-week challenges, the social media fitfluencers shoving their lifestyle's down your throat.

The Sol Studio & Sol Active Fitness were both created to give females a comfortable environment to train and learn the fundamentals of what it takes to achieve different goals.

Our goal is to work with you, understand you, and create a program so specific to you & your lifestyle that it becomes just that - your lifestyle.

If you are serious about finding the CORRECT methods to changing your habits, your diet, your physique & your mindset, then you are in the right place, sis.